Video Production




Shetland, Glasgow

Project type

Television Production

Although the majority of our work is in the event industry we regularly get asked to provide aerial filming using drones for the film and TV industry.

We’re one of the longest established aerial companies in the country and have provided footage for large productions like Trainspotting 2, Whisky Galore, The Secret Agent and many TV and video productions.

Shetland aerial filming

The Line Producer for the crime drama Shetland, Mark Murdoch, got in touch to see if we’d be able to shoot what they wanted. We travelled to Shetland by ferry and spent a great 5 days dodging the rain, battling the constant high winds and staying out of the way of the thousands of sea birds.

Glasgow skyline aerial filming

Working with the main and second unit in and around Lerwick and the stunning costal cliffs at Eshaness. We also provided some aerial and ground based footage in Glasgow working closely with the local police and council to gain access to some great Glasgow locations.