Foundation has over 25 years of experience in set design and build, video, audio and lighting systems. We use the highest quality equipment and crew to ensure a successful event.

Foundation’s core principles are at the heart of any successful event, those being the basics done with absolute professionalism, your speakers seen and heard clearly, their graphics displayed sharply and brightly.

Event Production

We can provide turnkey event production for any scale event. We have a large stock of equipment and a roster of highly professional and experienced technical crew.

We run events all over the world from Singapore to Rio, Hong Kong to San Francisco and all throughout Europe.

Our services include: set design and build, all audio visual supply and operate, lighting design and communications.

Financial Director Summit, Incisive Media


We can broadcast your event to an online audience, be it a single person piece to camera or a large event we can provide a bespoke, secure and robust service. Using professional cameras, microphones and experienced crew to give your online audience the best experience possible.

We can also offer 360 degree web streaming experience using the latest high end 360 cameras.

Partnerships: We often work with other production companies to deliver the webcasting or video conference element of an event.

Taking stock Edinburgh webcast, H2 Glenfern

Video Conferencing

We use the latest high end video conferencing equipment from Cisco to provide a full HD two-way conversation between two or more sites.

We can also offer VC bridging services via one of our partners allowing for multiple sites to be controlled into a flowing managed meeting that can incorporate Skype type calls with more traditional VC equipment.

We have vast experience working with networks to get through firewalls, safely and securely, so no matter how locked down your office network is we can almost certainly run a VC from your office site or a hotel.

Glasgow aerial filming, BBC

Video Production

Today more than ever video is an important way to spread your message or advertise your events, we can provide a creative video production service by creating content for your events or filming your events as a means of advertising your next one or simply as a record of the event.